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Areo-Fire Ltd.’s environmental policy

Areo-Fire ltd is a distributor that is respectful of the environment and is always looking for suppliers that share the same values in order to protect our natural resources.

You will find below our politics and practices concerning the elimination of trash, the initiatives for reducing waste and energy consumption, initiatives with our packaging and recycling;

Areo-Fire’s head office was built with an energy reduction technology:

  • Our building is heated and cooled by a system of geothermal wells and manifolds which consume 30% less energy than a conventional building.
  • All of our lighting is with compact fluorescent lamps.
  • We have a solar wall on the south side of the building that stores the hot air to then spread it throughout the building in the winter.
  • All the bathrooms are equipped with dual flushing toilets to reduce water consumption.

Areo-Fire is committed to using recycled or biodegradable products in most of their operating activities:

  • We have established a packaging and shipping process which is ecological and is at a comparable cost. We also reuse many components while packaging instead of recycling it.
  • Where it is possible, we use paper and cardboard with the highest content of recycled fiber.
  • All chemical waste (oils, battery acids, etc.) are properly stored and disposed by firms specialized in recycling these types of waste.
  • All our scrap metal (steel, bronze, aluminium, etc.) is completely recycled.
  • To reduce our paper consumption, the majority of our brochures are available in PDF format.
  • All MSDA’s, drawings, technical manuals can be emailed.

We make sure that we meet all environmental standards that apply to our type of business.

Recycled content of our packaging materials
Name of the component
Name of the material

Is it recyclable?
What %

Quand we recycle it after use
Is it a material that we currently recycle in Canada
Box Cardboard Yes : 60% Yes Yes
Packing paper
Yes : 30% Yes Yes
Packaging material Polysterene
No Yes Yes
Tags Paper with glue
Yes : 20% No No
Yes : 50%
Yes and No depending the initial product in the container Yes
Galvanised Steel
Yes : 95% Yes Yes
Pallet Wood
Yes : 100% Yes Yes
Tape glued polysterene
No Yes Yes