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Number 1 MSA Fire Service Canada for 2004.

Exclusif distributor for American Lafrance firetruck in New-Brunswick.

Areo-Fire Ltd moved to a new head office at 5205, J.-Armand-Bombardier, Longueuil (Québec).

Installation, pieces and service center for the Groneveld greasing system.

Exclusivity contract with Nautic & Arts and Rosborough (boats).

Introduction of confined space and rescue equipment with PETZL.

Authorized pieces and service center for Spartan products.

Exclusivity contract with Rosenbauer fire trucks for the East and north of Ontario, Quebec, New-Brunswick and the Labrador.

Number one distributor of MSA products in the fire service category, for the year 2009.

Sales effort recongnition from Spartan products, for the year 2009.

Inauguration of our “Engagement Incendie” award that recognizes the achievement of the firefighting profession from members of our community.

Awarded the prize of excellence from Hydro-Quebec "Mieux Consommer".

First award "Concours Engagement" given to MRC de l'Érable to Mr. Mario Gagné, which was the representative for his department.

Number one distributor of MSA products in the fire service category, for the year 2010. 

A third person was added in the trucks department.

Sales department restructured.

Introduction of a new generation of extrication tools; E-Draulic from Hurst.

Number one distributor of MSA products in the fire service category, for the year 2011.

In order to further develop New-Brunswick, another sales representative is added.

Daniel Renaud promoted to sales Director.

Areo-Fire is registered at the Registry of Lobbyists.

Important contract from the city of Montreal for 4 Rosenbauer T-Rex.

Complete renuwal SCBA's from MSA for the city of Shawinigan

Development of our Canadian distribution network for the following lines of products; Cosmas, Groupe Leader, Botte Acton et Maxxera.

André St-Hilaire, divisional chief – prevention and protection of the citizens for the Fire Department of Laval, received the « Lauréat Engagement Incendie » for his exceptional dedication to his department and community. 

50 Years of Areo-Fire.

Hélène Picard takes over as president of the company from her father Jean-Max Picard.

Josée Guillemette promoted as financial and administrative vice-president.

Highest increase (29%) of sales of Rosenbauer Fire Trucks.

Areo-Fire reached and exceeded the annual sales target set by Hurst, all this thanks to the new line of revolutionary eDraulic tools.


  • Areo-Fire obtained the largest sales contract for MSA G1 SCBA in Canada, in partnership with MSA for DND (Department of National Defense of Canada).  
  • Areo-Fire reached Rosenbauer’s sales targets and won 5 trophies for :

             * Top Dealership Aerial Sales

             * Top Dealership Commander Sales

             * Top Market Share (second place)

             * Annual Dealership Sales (third place)

             * Top individual Annual Sales won by Benoît Simard

  • Areo-Fire reached Hurst’s sales targets.
  • Areo-Fire exceeded Innotex’s sales targets.
  • Release of the Service Plus program for our customers who have purchased a truck from Areo-Fire.
  • Areo-Fire obtained the first sales contract for Raptor’s fire truck model from Rosenbauer for the city of Longueuil.
  • Areo-Fire obtained a sales contract for 20 Rosenbauer’s aerial trucks for the city of Montreal. 


  • April – Retirement of Mr. Jean-Max Picard who is now chairman of the administration committee.
  • Important contract for supplying SCBA G1 to the city of Gatineau.
  • Important contract for supplying one hundred MSA thermal imaging cameras (model 6000) to the city of Montreal.
  • Delivery of the first Rosenbauer Raptor truck in Quebec at St-Hyacinthe city.
  • Areo-Fire obtained a supply contract of 12 T-Rex Rosenbauer trucks for the DND (Department of National Defence).