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Areo-Fire’s ethics

Over the course of the past year, the tightening of municipal policies regarding the management of municipal contracts and ethical regulations has made us all aware of these issues. While there was no known incident or appearance of corruption in the fire protection industry, the same cannot be said for the construction business.

In keeping with these restrictions, last year all municipalities were required to adopt a code of ethics for elected officials.  This information was clearly explained at a colloquium on awarding municipal contracts that was held by the ACSIQ and the ENPQ  in Saint-Hyacinthe. Truck and equipment manufacturers, along with consultants, distributors and directors of fire protection services are now fully aware of the restrictions governing business relations in the industry.

Management at Areo-Fire Ltd. has always conducted itself with rectitude and honesty. Therefore, as of July 15, 2011, and as required by the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act, we are now listed in the Québec Lobbyists Registry. In addition to complying with this law, being registered as corporate lobbyist ensures that all solicitation, promotion and sales activities carried out by Areo-Fire Ltd. are public and transparent. Featuring in this registry also protects our clients in the course of our various business activities. In this regard, several municipalities’ general rules on the awarding of municipal contracts provide for the following:

Measures to ensure compliance with the Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Act and the Code of Conduct for Lobbyists adopted under that Act (art. 938.1.2 M.C., par. 3, policy 3.3)

  • Ensuring that any person acting as lobbyist is listed in the Lobbyists Registry    

  • Abstaining from transactions with persons acting as lobbyists but not listed in the Lobbyists Registry

  • Statement that no lobbying has occurred or, if it has, that it was noted in the Lobbyists Registry

  • Clause enabling the municipality to cancel or not award the contract if non-compliance is subsequently discovered

Should you have any questions, please contact Areo-Fire’s management or consult the Lobbyists Registry.