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Areo-Fire is proud to support the initiatives of organizations working in the field of fire and other joint area. With the help of our sponsorship as a strategic platform, we stimulate and support for many years the fire environment in Canada

If you are interested in receiving a monetary sponsorship or material from Areo-fire, please take time to read the following conditions

Selection criteria
Your business or organization must:

  • relate to Areo-fire’s mission
  • allow Areo-fire to connect with its priority clienteles
  • help position Areo-Fire as the # 1 provider in fire equipment and promote the company's image in Canada

      Exclusion criteria

      Areo-fire does not sponsor:

      • Non-Canadian enterprises or organizations
      • Political organizations

        How to submit a sponsorship request

        If your sponsorship request falls under the categories supported by Areo-fire and meets the eligibility criteria, fill out the online form and then send an email to marketing@areo-feu.com with your visibility plan.

        Sponsorship requests must be received at least eight weeks prior to the activity. Moreover, please allow us four weeks for an email response.

        A rigorous, consistent and clearly defined process must be used in managing sponsorship requests. This is why any organization presenting a sponsorship request to Areo-fire must use the form available and provide a visibility plan. In doing so, Areo-fire ensures that all the necessary information is available to evaluate each request fairly and give it the attention it deserves.

        Every year, Areo-fire receives a large number of sponsorship requests and, having a limited budget, cannot respond favourably to all of them even if they fall under a category supported by Areo-fire. We are sorry about that!