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Artwork contest

Areo-Fire is organising an artwork contest, for this occasion, we would like to invite all artists, student, amateur or professional to create an artwork following the theme of fire safety. We would like to clarify that the contest is open to all and all the participants will be considered. Please do not hesitate to communicate with Areo-Fire if you would like further information. Entry deadline: September 1st, 2013

  • The winner will have his/her artwork edited in quadricromie on the annual calendar and the greeting cards of the company. (Know that our calendar has been ongoing for over 45 years and with its popularity, it has become a collector's item within the fire industry.)
  • The winner will receive 20 examples of the calendar and 40 examples of the greeting card.
  • In addition to having a great exposure throughout the fire departments of the Quebec, the signature as well as a brief description of the author will be on each medium.
  • The artwork will be exposed during the annual Quebec Fire Chief Trade show.
Eligibility Rules
  • All mediums are accepted except for photographs and 3 dimensional works.
  • The artwork must be approximately 18’’ wide x 14’’ high.
  • No brands names of products must be evident.
  • You must send us via email or postal service a photograph of your artwork by the 1st of September 2013.
  • All of the candidates and their artwork will be displayed on the website www.areo-fire.com
  • The author commits to transfer to Areo-Fire, free of charge but non-exclusive rights to reproduce the artwork.
  • An artist is allowed to submit many artworks.
Documents to be submitted for registration
  • Send via email or mail service a color photograph of the artwork (4’’ x 6’’)
  • Description of the artist
  • Description of the artwork and the medium used

Aréo-Feu: 5205 J-Armand Bombardier, Longueuil, Québec, J3Z 1G4 www.areo-fire.com

Responsible of the contest: Marie-Josée Picard, Marketing Director, mjpicard@areo-fire.com