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The Composite Modular Construction (CMC) hull construction uses the latest technologies with Vinylester resins and Corecell core providing an ultra strong, light structure and allows versatility to layouot and configure options. From an intervention in choppy water or rough sea conditions, the Hammerhead is especially built for any conditions.

The hull form is a constant deep vee with a transom deadrise of 21 degrees and a hydro step flat at the keel with lean bow sections and sharp fore foot. The new design will ensure very soft entry into rough seas and answer the need for a fast Hard-Shell with a user friendly ride. The wide hull and inside floor width provide exceptional work space and stability at speeds and at rest. 

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  • Length:22' 4''
  • Width: 8' 6''
  • Draft: 20''
  • Deadrise:21o
  • Cocpit Length (Ahead of Motorwell): 14'
  • Cockpit Width (At Floor): 7' 5''