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Contest "Concours Engagement Incendie"

"Engagement Incendie" Winner

There are many challenges to face in the organization of a fire department and great qualities are required to do so. With this in mind, Areo-Fire, in partnership with MSA and INNOTEX®, created the Engagement Incendie contest. This contest aims to highlight the excellent work of:

  • a member of a fire department staff;
  • of the entire fire department; 
  • or  a person who is part of a non-profit organization related to the fire field.

The candidate or candidates must have stood out in their communities by:

  • their implication;
  • their integrity;
  • their leadership;
  • their selflessness;
  • their senses of innovation;
  • or their senses of organization of an operation for an exceptional event.

registration deadline: December 31st, every year
file submission deadline:
 January 31st, every year

Submit nominations by mail to Areo-Fire to the attention of Marie-Josée Picard or by email to marketing@areo-feu.com.

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