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Online Sales Policy


1.    Usage Agreement

This agreement holds all terms and conditions of www.areo-fire.com (“Web Site”) and the online purchasing policies on the Web Site between you, including the societies and people that you represent, and Areo-Fire Ltd (“Aréo-Feu”). Thank you for reading carefully these online sales conditions, they contain important information on your rights and obligations as well as the limits and exclusions that could apply to you. By placing an order, you signify that you have read and understood these conventions and accept its terms and conditions legally linking you to the applicable laws and rules.

2.    Secured online purchase
When you shop on the Web Site, we want it to be with peace of mind. That is why we deal with Global Payments for the safety of your personal and banking information in order to protect your transactions. If you wish to get more information on Global Payments, we encourage you to visit their web site at www.globalpaymentsinc.com/canada.

3.    Responsibility limitations

Please note that the information on the Web Site is the information that Areo-Fire had at the time the Web Site was elaborated. It is possible that this information or parts of it is not up to date. In spite of Areo-Fire’sefforts, it is possible that some mistakes have slipped onto the Web Site. The Web Site and its content is not the object of any warranty, expressed or implied. 

Links towards other web sites accessible on the Web Site are provided as they are, for information only, and Areo-Fire cannot be held responsible for the content or the consequences that could result from an inquiry or/and the use of these links, and their content. 

Areo-Fire is not responsible for the use of your personal information that you have communicated to a third party through the Web Site, in particular to Global Payments. Areo-Fire encourages you to check the personal information protection policies of these third parties.

4.    Security and password
You are entirely responsible for all activities on your account and/or with your password. Consequently, if you use a password to access to the Web Site or a part of it, you are responsible of the confidentiality of this password. If you use a customer account, you have the responsibility to control and limit the access of this account. If the confidentiality of your password and/or access to your customer account is compromised in any way, you have to advise Areo-Fire immediately. Areo-Fire reserves the right to take any action judged necessary or reasonable to insure the safety of the Web Site or of your account, such as closing your account, changing your password or requiring that you give some personal information to authorize transactions in your account. In spite of all prior information, Areo-Fire will assume that all access and/or use of your account and/or your password is legitimate and cannot be held responsible for any actions taken without your consent and/or of any unauthorised use of your account or password, including any unauthorized transactions or purchases made online on the Web Site or any other way with your customer account or your password.


5.    Website content
The Web Site and the entirety of its content are the exclusive property of Areo-Fire and are protected by all applicable laws and rules, including Canadian and International, for copyright and trademarks. It is forbidden to modify, copy, distribute, display, publish, sell or use all or a part of the Web Site and/or its content for any reason whatsoever. 

Areo-Fire reserves the right to update and/or modify the data entry of the Web Site, the products and online services, prices and fees and the different promotions at any time and without warning. Areo-Firecannot be held responsible of the consequences of such updates and/or modifications of the Web Site’s content, particularly the consequences of such updates and modifications on the relations between you and a third party. 


6.    Applicable laws and jurisdiction
You accept and acknowledge that the Web Site, the way it is used and all litigation that could result from it are exclusively governed under the laws of the province of Quebec and the federal laws applicable. 

In case of litigation concerning the use of the Web Site or any transactions made through the Web Site, you accept the ability and the jurisdiction of the Quebec court of law and accept to submit any litigation exclusively to Quebec courtyard, more precisely to the appropriate Court of the Montreal district.


7.    Customer Service
Areo-Fire is doing everything possible so that you are satisfied of our service. Our opening hours are from Monday to Thursday from 7am to 5 pm and on Friday from 7am to 3pm. For any question or if you need assistance, concerning our products and service or concerning the use of the Web Site, you can reach our customer service at (450)651-2240 or toll free at 1-800-469-1963. Areo-Fire’s return or mailing address is: 

Areo-Fire Ltd
5205, J.-Armand Bombardier
Longueuil, Québec
J3Z 1G4

Telephone : (450) 651-2240, 1 (800) 469-1963
Email : help@areo-fire.com


1.    Payment
The total amount of your purchase will be shown on your order confirmation. The payment must be done with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) or with your customer account if you have one (see D.3 section).


2.    Price
Prices are subject to change at any time. The prices shown do not include shipping and handling fees or any applicable taxes. These amounts will be added at the time of invoicing according to the address of invoicing. All prices and other amounts shown on the Web Site are in Canadian dollars.


3.    Availability
Although most of the items quoted on the Web Site are in stock and ready for delivery, Areo-Fire cannot guarantee the availability off all items at the time of your order or in the future. If an item is back-order, and employee will try to contact you to inform you of the situation and take the possible arrangements in order to accommodate you. The delivery terms of your order will be discussed at that time, particularly in the event that more than one item on your order is back-order or not available. 

Areo-Fire reserves the right to set a maximum and/or minimum quantity of products and service that you can purchase on the Web Site or otherwise.


4.    Returnss
Since some items cannot be returned or exchanged, please familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of our Return and exchange policy (see F section) so that you can determine if your item can be returned or exchanged and what is the procedure for a return or an exchange.


5.    Validity and confirmation of your order
All order will be considered valid only when Areo-Fire has approved it by sending you an email to confirm the order.


6.    Modification ou annulation de votre commande
All orders are processed immediately by Areo-Fire. For that reason, if you must modify or cancel your order, you must do it within twenty-four (24) hours from the time you have placed your order by contacting our customer service (see A.7 section). After that time, Areo-Fire cannot guarantee that your order will be modified or cancelled and that some additional fees could apply. In any case, you will not be able to modify or cancel your order by email. Areo-Fire reserves the right to refuse, modify, delete or cancel an order at all time and without warning, whether it has been accepted or not and for any reason that Areo-Fire judges valid. 

If you have any questions concerning your order, please contact our customer service. We do not accept any requests by email concerning order changes or cancellations. 

7.    Special orders
Special orders or products that involve a special fabrication are not refundable or exchangeable. 


1.    What is it?
A promotional code is a series of numbers and/or letters that can give you all sorts of discounts, for example, discounted prices, bonus, free shipping, etc. You can get promotional codes on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, in our advertisements or in organized events.


2.    How-to use a promotional code?
In order to apply a promotional code, enter the code in the “Promotional code” field when placing your order and click “Apply”. The offer will be applied to the article or articles in your cart if the code is valid.


3.    General conditions 
The promotional codes are only applicable online, on the Web Site, and cannot be applied to prior or pending orders, including promotional codes for free shipping. Promotional codes cannot be combined with any other promotional code or promotional offer, on the Web Site or elsewhere. Only one promotional code per transaction is allowed. These promotional codes cannot be applied to prior orders and are valid for a given period and/or are applicable for a specific item and/or specific selection of products. Unless otherwise indicated, no promotional code will be exchangeable, transferable or convertible for monetary value. Please note that other restrictions concerning promotional codes may apply. 


4.    Cancellation and refusal 
Areo-Fire reserves the right to cancel a promotional code and/or to refuse the use of a promotional code for whatever reason, particularly if Areo-Fire considers that a promotional code is used in an illicit, illegal, ill-advisedly or abusive way. Areo-Fire cannot be held responsible for any consequence resulting from the cancellation or the refusal of a promotional code, particularly in the event that a cancellation or refusal could have on the relations between you and a third party. 

5.    Order cancellation and return, exchange and refunds of merchandise

In the event that order is cancelled by Areo-Fire, a return, an exchange and/or a refund of merchandise, you will not be eligible for a refund associated to your promotional code, transfer of the associated discount of your promotional code onto another order or a restoration of your promotional code for a future purchase.


6.    Additional amount
If the discount associated to your promotional code is higher than the value of the item(s) bought, the balance of the rebate will not be credited to your account nor given as cash and no other promotional code will be given. We suggest that you purchase items with an equal or superior value of the discount associated to your promotional code.


1.    Payment method
If you pay by credit card, only the amount equal to your purchase will be blocked on credit card at the moment of the transaction. Your credit card will be charged once the merchandise has shipped. No copy will be sent with your package, but you may print and keep a copy of your invoice when your online transaction on the Web Site will be completed. Areo-Fire encourages you to keep a copy of your invoice, particularly because this invoice will be necessary if you need to return or exchange merchandise. 

If you choose to be charged to your customer account, an invoice will be sent to your billing address at time of shipment. You must pay this invoice as per the given modalities. 


2.    Credit card
All credit cards must be valid and authentic and you must be authorized to use them. If the debit that you are trying to put on a credit card is not authorized or accepted, Areo-Fire reserves the right to cancel your order without notice and without any responsibility nor obligations of its part towards you or a third party.Areo-Fire reserves the right to stop accepting credit cards of one or more issuers, holders and/or users at any time and for whatever reason. Areo-Fire doesn’t take responsibility towards whomever concerning illegal or forbidden use of one or many credit cards when making a transaction on the Web Site or otherwise.


3.    Customer accounts 
If you already have a customer account with Areo-Fire, you will have to activate it when making your first online purchase. The instructions will be provided on the screen at that time. In order to attribute your order to your account and to invoice consequently, you will have to enter your purchase order number, previously granted by your Fire Safety service or your company when making your order on the Web Site. Otherwise, it will be possible to pay by credit card. 

To open a new customer account, please contact our customer service (see section A.7.)

4.    Merchandise property

Despite the invoicing of merchandise by Areo-Fire and/or an authorization on your credit card by Areo-FireAreo-Fire keeps the full propriety of the ordered merchandise, on the Web Site or otherwise, even if this merchandise was delivered to you and that you accepted it, wherever it is, until full payment of the merchandise.


1.    Shipping Methods
Areo-Fire offers only one shipping method for ordered merchandise, Purolator ground. The shipping delays can vary from 2 to 7 business days. Areo-Fire doesn’t guarantee these delays and cannot be held responsible for any additional delays, notably in case of strike, bankruptcy, reduced personnel, etc. of the sender. Orders are processed and shipped from Monday to Friday. The address of shipment can be different from the invoicing address. 

2.    Shipping feesFrais de livraison
The shipping fees are calculated in function of the distance and of the parcel’s weight. Shipping in some provinces and territories can involve additional fees that will be indicated to you when confirming your online order on the Web Site. 

Any extra fees resulting from a shipping address change or from a new shipment once the ordered merchandise has left our stockroom will be charged to you.


3.    Restrictions
The items for sale on the Web Site are only available in Canada. Some items cannot be shipped in all provinces and territories. Areo-Fire reserves the right to modify unilaterally and without warning the countries, provinces and/or territories where its merchandise is available for online purchase on the Web Site.


4.    Pick-up in store
You can place your order online and come to our store to pick-up your order by selecting this option when placing your order on the Web Site. Areo-Fire will contact you when an order is ready so that you can pick it up at the customer service desk (see section A.7). In order to pick-up your order, Areo-Fire requires that you show the following documents: the confirmation email for the order that you received from Areo-Fire and an identity card with a picture issued by either provincial or federal government. You have 90 days following the order confirmation given by Areo-Fire to come and pick-up your package. If this is not done within the delay stated above, Areo-Fire will dispose of your order and all fees that have resulted will be charged to you.


5.    Reception of merchandise
You must examine the ordered merchandise upon reception. If an item is damaged or missing, you must contact customer service (see section A.7) as soon as possible within ten (10) days of receiving your order to take advantage of Areo-Fire’s Return and exchange policy if applicable (see section F).