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Aerial Command Seat


Aerial Command Seat (ACS) affords great visibility for aerial operations. With the ACS, operators will have control of the aerial and waterway monitor functions at their fingertips. The ACS is going to be an added benefit for operators' stations at the turntable while having personnel in the on the aerial or in a platform operating the aerial. It will add extra comfort on long lasting fires and reduce the stress on firemen standing for long periods of time.

The new, single joystick controls the aerial raise/lower function, as well as the extend/retract and left-to-right functions. By simply flipping a switch, the monitor's stream, pattern, up/down and left-to-right functions can equally be controlled from the joystick. The joystick will also be able to activate the aerial's AC and DC lights, as well as switch the aerial speed between high and low. Four different lights on the joystick will illuminate to indicate which functions are selected. The Can-Bus joystick uses the latest technology allowing our in-house staff to set-up each Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to assure a safe, smooth and easy-to-operate aerial using this single control. (Not available on T-Rex or Raptor)