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Green Star

The fire service is going GREEN!

Our exclusive auxiliary power unit (APU) designed specifically for use on fire apparatus will save your department thousands of dollars annually.*

Today's fire service is a constantly changing community organization. We've watched the role of fire departments take on more responsibilities from medical calls, rescues and hazmat incidents for example. Eighty percent of calls fire departments respond to, result in fire apparatus needlessly idling for 10-40 minutes per call.

Save hundreds of gallons in diesel fuel annually

  • Diesel engines use a minimum of 1.25 gallons of fuel per hour while idling.
  • GREEN Star™ only uses one quart, saving one gallon an hour.
  • Nationally, 80% percent of response calls do not require the use of the fire pump.
  • GREEN Star™ idle reduction technology mitigates the two leading causes of over consumption of fuel on non-pumping response calls. The results are considerable; departments have measurable savings within five years.* Results vary depending on call volume, time spent on-scene and fuel prices.

Stay cool in the summer, hot in the winter

  • GREEN Star™ supports auxiliary heating and/or air conditioners operating on the APU power. Even with the apparatus’s main chassis engine turned off, crew members can rehab from harsh weather conditions.
  • On-scene: GREEN Star™ operates off the auxiliary power mode for heating and/or cooling comfort.
  • At the station: GREEN Star™ operates in the 120V mode while the apparatus is attached to a shoreline, keeping the cabin at a controlled temperature.
  • Sacrifice nothing! Crew have all the power and features as they would if the main chassis engine was running. Only GREEN Star™ has the technology to make this possible.

Hands-free green mode activation

  • GREEN Star™ features fully-integrated automatic engine controls. Fire apparatus operators experience a “hands-free” system activation. As the main chassis shuts down, the auxiliary power unit is remotely started. If needed, the controls will re-start the main chassis engine to prevent a low voltage situation.

Save thousands in DPF and service costs

  • Diesel soot clogs the exhaust DPF due to frequent low engine temperature during idling. GREEN Star™ bypasses the DPF, thus reducing service and replacement costs of diesel particulate filters.
  • Idling time on response calls traditionally ranges from 10-45 minutes.
  • DPF Cleaning: $300 x 2 annually and/or DPF Replacement: $5,000 (per lifetime)

Powerful auxiliary diesel gen-set

  • GREEN Star™ is a clean diesel technology utilizing a diesel fired gen-set. The APU has similar physical dimensions and takes-up no additional space than a standard generator.
  • The GREEN Star™ base configuration provides 8kW 120V/240V electrical power, thus eliminating the need for a second power source. All NFPA 1901 required electrical devices such as warning lights, scene lighting and communications radios are supported.
  • APUs are in use on many types of transportation including airliners, locomotives and long-haul trucks.

Green-up existing apparatus

  • GREEN Star™ can be retrofitted onto most existing fire apparatus* to provide the outstanding fuel savings. Retrofits are a great way to employ green technology to an aging fleet. *Certain restrictions relating to space and chassis electrical may apply.


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