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Do not miss...


To see...
  • Unveilling of Rosenbauer's 2013 collection

     * New Commander Cab
     * Walk-in emergency unit
     * Pumper, NH55, 2000 imp. gallons, modular body
     * 115 feet articulated ladder, T-Rex from Montreal
     * 100 feet ladder-pumper, model Viper
     * Mining and Airport rescue truck, Timberwolf, NH55, CAFS, for the Northern Plan
     * First ecoenergitic fire truck in Quebec, pumper tanker, SmartCab Crew Cab, NH55, GreenStar, modular CT Body

  • Drop-In-Unit for a quick attack
  • And much more

To Do...
  • Comme and ride in the T-Rex
  • Plan a visite of our Commander truck to your department
  • Presentation / Demonstration of the high volume and high pressure NH55 pump with the possibility of testing it in our interior pumping facility
  • Conference, presented by Flash Formation, on the thermal imaging phenomena and the use of high pressure
  • Presentation and discussion on the new types of motors, regenration systems and the new regulations concerning the emissions of EPA2013 by Cummins
  • Presentation by Weldon of the V-Mux system
  • An exchange forum with customers that own Rosenbauer fire trucks
  • Many suppliers will be present: Cummins, Fire Research, Weldon, Whelen, CET with Drop-in-units, PAC, CFCPU, Maxxera and Kussmaul

Reserve your spot!!!
450-651-2240 ext 107 or mmondoux@areo-feu.com

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