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New Extrication Tool Line

New Extrication Tool Line

We are proud to announce our latest exclusive partnership agreement with the Genesis Rescue Systems company for the distribution of their extrication products across Quebec and New Brunswick!

At Genesis, team work is at the core of the company. Working along with experienced instructors or the largest insurance companies, Genesis develops tools that can perform efficiently on the sturdiest vehicles in the industry.

Please contact us with any questions. I will be more than happy to help you assess your extrication needs.

Plus, remember that a demo remains the best method to evaluate the true capacity of a tool.

Power Extrication Tools - eForce 2.0

Coupled with extreme power, these tools are well-balanced, lighter and profiled for increased mobility.

- Light design
- One-finger control
- Mobile handle
- Two LED indicator lights
- Powered by a Milwaukee battery
- Interchangeable NXTgen blade
- Removable tips
- And much more

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