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Pbi versus Armor or Armor AP

First and foremost, the difference in worst case scenario protection. PBI Max will offer more time for the firefighter to get out of a worst case scenario situation. Armor and Armor AP do not react any different than any of the other Nomex/Kevlar products. So, PBI Max starts to break down around 1250 degrees F, whereas Armor starts to break down around 1050 degrees F. The message to carry to the end user is, even though fire calls are down for most departments, the risk and statistics for flash fires are up. So, the importance of maximum protection is as important as ever in today’s firefighting. 

Second, is the durability. PBI Max is the strongest fabric to rips and tears in the market. PBI Max’s tear strength as rec’d is 235 lbs. vs. Armor AP around 100 lbs. of tear strength. So, it takes almost twice the force to rip and tear Max vs. Armor AP. PBI Max also stays stronger longer for the life of the garment.  When UV tested to against Armor at the same time on the same machine PBI Max has 70 lbs of tear strength 3-5 years into the life of the fabric, vs Armor at around 15 lbs. of tear strength. So, PBI Max starts off much stronger, but also maintains its strength and has a better resistance to UV degradation than Armor. So, that will lead to reduced maintenance cost of the shell and a longer life cycle. 

Next, the comfort of PBI Max. Even though Armor AP and PBI Max are twill weaves, the flexibility of PBI Max is more perceivable and the wearer will feel that the garment is more flexible and comfortable to wear with Max.

Finally, the proven performance of PBI Max in the field. PBI Max has references such as Baltimore, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Honolulu, Portland, Seattle, Broward County, Madison and several other towns and villages close to home as Montreal, Aéroport de Quebec Inc., Austin, Bromont, Cantley, Canton Hinchinbrooke, Caplan, Châteauguay, Danville, Deleage, Drummondville, Granby, La Tuque, Lacolle, Magog, Montmagny, Montréal, Napierville, Régie Intermunicipale, Rimouski, Saint-Constant, Saint-Isidore, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Saint-Raymond, Saint-Remi, Sainte-Catherine, Sainte-Marie, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, St-Felix de Valois, St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, St-Jacques-le-Mineur, Varennes, Waterville, etc.