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Product: RLS3999

Remote Lighted Siren, RLS

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Model: RLS3999
Supplier: Code 3


Control it all with the Remote Lighted Siren. The Remote Lighted Siren gives you the options needed to take control.

Unique Features

  • Serial Interface upgrades available to allow control of LEDX2100SC lightbars and accessories via the Remote Lighted Siren system
  • RLS Virtual Control Head Kit available to allow control of both the Remote Lighted Siren and the RLS serial interface system via laptop PC or MDT
  • One serial plug controls your: lightbar, siren, ArrowStik®
  • Current boost module
  • 200w option available
  • Load Manager option allows you to guard against depleting the vehicle's battery to the point that the vehicle cannot be started.
  • NightProbe® control module (model 3999)
  • Model 3997 comes standard with ArrowStik® control built into the siren's control head

Standard Options

  • Standard siren tones (wail, yelp, HyperYelp, hi-lo, Hyper-Lo)
  • Air horn
  • 100w standard
  • Park kill
  • Timed output
  • Selectable Hit & Go on horn ring scroll
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Plug-in microphone
  • Brake/backup cut-off module
  • Auxillary relay module (model 3999)
  • Built-in self-test (model 3999)
  • Available with rotary switch or slide switch

General Specification

  • 12 volt (24 volt option available)
  • Control head dimensions: 6.875" L x 3.375" H x .625" W
  • Covered by a 5-year warranty (for products purchased after Jan. 1, 2007)