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Product: LAU-CN-TR12 (12'')
Signalisation accessories

Traffic cones A & B

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Model: LAU-CN-TR12 (12'')
Supplier: Seam Enterprise

  • One-piece flow construction is used for maximum structural integrity.
  • Smooth glossy finish over the entire surface keeps the cone cleaner in use.
  • Standard taper for easier stacking.
  • Premium fluorescent pigments are used to give maximum daytime visibility at dawn, dusk and rain.
  • 100% PVC construction for durability.
  • Flexible enough to crush when hit by a vehicle, yet resilient enough to return to original shape after impact.
  • Our traffic cones retain their shape under high ambient temperatures and are shatter proof when used at low temperatures during the winter months.
  • Cone printing features bold black lettering stencilled between layers for permanence.
  • Traffic Cone reflective collars. These collars are made from high intensity reflective tape, precision die-cut to fit standard cones.
  • The collars extend fully round the cone for maximum night-time visibility.
  • The extended foot design on the traffic cone bases has the effect of creating clearance between adjacent cones when stacked, thus prevent stickage and binding when handling as well as eliminating wear & tear on reflective cone collars.
  • Primary and secondary plasticizers which are used in the manufacture of our cones, in addition to providing excellent weather resistance and flexibility makes our cones biodegradable, thus more environmentally friendly.

On a further environmental note, since our  product is produced locally and shipped from Brockville Ontario, it leaves a  much smaller carbon foot print than product transported 1000's of miles from  the U.S.

available models
product Code Model Height
- TC-206, Traffic cone
LAU-CN-TR12 TC-212, Traffic cone 12''
LAU-CN-TR12C TC-212 + TC-Coll-4, Traffic cone 12''
LAU-CN-TR18 TC-218, Traffic cone 18''
LAU-CN-TR18C TC-218 + TC-Coll-4, Traffic cone 18''
LAU-CN-TR28 TC-228, Traffic cone 28''
LAU-CN-TR28C TC-228 + TC-Coll-4, Traffic cone 28''
LAU-CN-TR04 TC-Coll-4, Traffic Cone reflective collars 4'' -
LAU-CN-TR06 TC-Coll-6, Traffic Cone reflective collars 6'' -
LAU-CN-TR06 TC-450, Traffic barrel -