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Product: 10041994 (shroud)

Proximity system CFR

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Model: 10041994 (shroud)
Supplier: MSA

  • Easy to don and doff, this CFR System is compliant with NFPA 1976–2000.
  • Designed and approved for use with the Metro 660C, Invader 664, Cairns 1010 and Cairns 1044 Fire Helmets, it will not interfere with the SCBA while in use.
  • Components consist of an aluminized PBI/Kevlar layer, vapor barrier and inner layer.

CFR Proximity System Consists of
Item Product Number
Bonnet for 660C and 664 10041993
Bonnet for 1010 and 1044 10041992
Shroud for Helmets 10041994
6'' Gold-Coated Faceshield S606G