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Product: CH-0001002 (Black)

Traditional 1010 Firefighting Helmet

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Model: CH-0001002 (Black)
Supplier: MSA

  • Equiped with the new Impact cap that provides superior thermal and impact protection through an impact-resistant polymer liner covered by a high-temperature, energy-absorbing urethane foam.
  • Market-leading 5-year shell replacement warranty.
  • Non-corroding, high-temperature-resistant, faceshield/goggle hardware.
  • Rugged, high-temperature edge trim will not melt or drip.
  • Easy front headband adjustment for proper SCBA mask fit.
  • Simple rear ratchet height adjustment to fit all head sizes.
  • Headband fits a wide variety of head sizes.
  • Durable helmet hanger fits on large hooks and resists bending.
  • Minimal parts for lower service cost and easier maintenance.
  • Exclusive shell release system for an extra margin of safety (except 880).
  • Unique tube-lock system absorbs the shock of an impact.


  • Yellow, red, black, white, blue, orange & green


  • Latest edition of NFPA 1971

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Tough, high-temperature thermoplastic shell resists chipping and cracking.
  • Choice of Nomex or PBI/Kevlar earlap and forestry shroud for increased neck/ear coverage and protection.
  • Choice of eye protection: Cains goggle, ESS goggle, defender visor or faceshield.