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Product: WB200
Hazardous Waste storage

Storage safety cans, Type II

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Model: WB200
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  • Roll-seam welded 24 gauge terne steel to pass 25 PSI hydrostatic test.  
  • Spring loaded lid relieves internal pressure at 5 PSI yet retains full can of liquid when inverted. 
  • Every WB can must pass an underwater pressure test before painting and packaging.  
  • Flame arrestor protects the flammable contents of the can from exterior sources of ignition.  
  • One hand grip to open pour spouts.  
  • Every WB safety can is equipped with a testor and approved flame arrestor.   


Approved container for storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids to satisfy OSHA and NFPA requirements.           

available models
Model capacity
WB200 1 gal. / 3,8 litres
WB201 1imp gal. / 4,6 litres
WB202 2 gal. / 7,6 litres
WB203 3 gal. / 11,4 litres
WB205  5 gal. / 18,9 litres 
WB206  5 imp gal. / 22,7 litres 
R3409 9  Replacement pour spout (fits all Type II safety cans)