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Product: 276100000
Hydraulic reel

Double high pressure hose reel DHR

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Model: DHR 20, DHR 30
Supplier: Hurst Jaws of Life

The practical Double Hose Reel for rapid deployment. Two tools can be stored on the vehicle- already connected to the pump. When needed, pick-up the tools and unroll the hoses. The DHR is designed to be mounted on HURST pumps with R-frame (DIN-version). With a conversion set, it can be used as a stand-by unit.

  • Space saving storage of hose sets on the vehicle
  • Hose sets can be unrolled- even under pressure
  • Color-coded hose sets prevent confusion
  • Mechanical brake for both hose sets
  • Luminescent hoses
  • All Hurst Hydraulic Hoses have a 4:1 safety ratio

Weight (lb)
DHR 20
Hose length 2 x 66 ft.
DHR 30 Hose length 2 x 99 ft.