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Product: T3500M
Pneumatic tool

Rescue Kit, T3500M

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Model: T3500M
Supplier: Team

The TEAM Rescue Air Hammer kit T3500M is a completely portable "go anywhere" package that can assist rescue operations at very affordable price.Compare this product to any entry level chisel kit on the market and you will agree it is an exceptional value. Thousands in service since it's introduction in 1985. Two automotive quality air hammers in each kit.  Use the second as back up in case of breakdown. At 90 PSI operating pressure, these air hammers do a great job for basic rescue involving cutting body metal of vehicles (doors, roofs and fenders). In extremes, pressure can be increased to cut through heavier materials.

Items Included in Kit:
  • 2-Entry Level Air Hammer (with quick change)
  • Air Pressure Regulator
  • 16' Air Hose
  • 2-Curved Chisel
  • 2-Panel Cutter
  • 2-Flat Chisel
  •  Air Tool Oil
  •  Plastic Case