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10 000 PSI Tools

Mini Cutter S 120

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Model: S 120
Supplier: Hurst Jaws of Life

The Streamline™ Technology Mini Cutter boasts superior cutting force for rescue operations in confined space conditions.  Recommended applications included cutting pedals and steering wheels, building collapse, and other situations where tight spaces are prevalent.  This mini cutter is similar to that found in our specialty tools, but is designed to operate with your hydraulic tool system.

  • Able to cut pedals and steering wheels
  • Designed for efficient cutting in confined spaces
  • Hose exits the rear tool handle and away from the work area
  • Fast opening and closing action for increased speed during time-critical rescues
  • Compact design stores away easily in small compartments
Must be used with:
P 600 OB, P 610 OG, P610 OD, P 620 Series, P 640 Serie, P640 Trimo
NFPA A4/B3/C2/D3/E3
Cutting Force
up to 41,140 lb
Cutter Opening
2,04 in
Oil Consumption
1,22 inch cube
Dimension L x W x H, po
14,4 x 4,85 x 2,9
Weight 9,7 lbs