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Product: R 430
10 000 PSI Tools

Rescue Ram R 430

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Model: R 430, 273040000
Supplier: Hurst Jaws of Life

World's First Triple Stage Rescue Ram!

The R 430 Ram is capable of carrying out even the heaviest rescue operations.  With the telescopic design, a stroke of 32 inches can be achieved while the retracgted length is only 18 inches.  This long working range allows ram rescues in one step that would normallt require the application of several traditional rams in sequence.  This considerably reduces the duration of the extrication.

  • Three stage
  • Solid Steel telescoping piston rod provides high tensile strength and eliminates side load distortion
  • Heat-treated steel ram claw features a highly durable gripping surface to minimize slippage
  • Star-grip control permits tool actuation from virtually any gripping position
  • Dead man control valve reverts back to the neutral position if user's hand slips from the control
  • Dual pilot check valve sustains necessary load requirements if the flow of hydraulic fluid is interrupted
  • Retracts into a compact size for easy transportability and minimum storage requirements
  • Compatible with both Hurst High Pressure ram support attachments
Use with power units

P 610 OG, P610 OD, P 640 Serie, P640 Trimo

NFPA 1936, 2005

Spreading Force
Piston 1
60,000 lbs (267 kN)
Piston 2
29,900 lbs (133 kN)
Piston 3
8,800 lbs (39 kN)
32.2" (820 mm)
Length closed
18.9" (480 mm)
Length open
51.3" (1,305 mm)
Height 4.4" (112 mm)
Width 8.3" (210 mm)
38.6 lbs (17.5 kg)