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Product: 7200 SD
Monitor & Master Stream Nozzle

COBRA EXM™ Monitor

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Model: 7200 SD
Supplier: Elkhart

The Cobra EXM is an Efficient, high-flow, electric remote controlled water monitor (water cannon) for fire apparatus, industrial pumper, and aerial vehicles.

The COBRA™ EXM monitor is specially designed to be compact providing a greatly reduced swing radius. Unique waterway swivel joints utilize stainless steel thrust rods, and needle roller thrust bearings, for unprecedented durability in a range of applications. The COBRA™ EXM utilizes a cast vaned waterway to minimize large-scale turbulence. The monitor may be powered with 12 or 24 volts.

  • Flow of 1250 or 1500 GPM
  • Leader in the industry with a radius of 6 inches
  • Available in standard or configured with a HD motor
  • Teflon impregnated, hard anodized aluminum alloy waterway
  • Integration water valve control