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Rapid attack monitor RAM XD - Duty

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supplieR: Elkhart

Elkhart Brass has improved an industry leading lightweight portable monitor. Introducing the RAM XD that now includes enhancements from our standard Rapid Attack Monitor (RAM). These enhancements are specifically designed for Extreme Duty use, or what we call XD.

The most significant new feature is how the unit now lowers to 14 degrees vertical while maintaining all of its stability, unlike competitive products. The RAM XD incorporates an improved handle and augmented body strength while remaining the lightest portable monitor on the market.

The RAM XD delivers big water... Fast! Side-by-side with the competition, the new RAM XD delivers the best stream quality and reach at the lowest operating pressure; Only 75 psi! From quick attack, high rise and industrial applications, the RAM XD is the most versatile water flow device you can carry and is yet another example of Elkhart Brass being an industry innovation leader.


  • Versatile & easy to use
  • Lightweight, compact monitor easily deployed and operated by single firefighter
  • Low 75 PSI operating pressure
  • Improved ergonomic handle and augmented body strength
  • Compact storage bracket provides secure mounting and quick deployment
  • Up-down travel range V – +14° to +51° (manned) V – +35° to +51° (unmanned)
  • Left-right travel 20º each way (40º total)
  • Counter-Balance system maintains vertical nozzle position at any angle
  • Tested to over 50,000 cycles

Effective safety features

  • Harnesses nozzle reaction force to stabilize monitor
  • Activates when reaction force becomes substantial (Approx.) 350 GPM and below a nozzle angle of 35 degrees
  • Four fold-out legs provide a larger footprint and greater stability
  • Attached safety strap with storage pouch
  • Lock pin holds valve in closed position preventing accidental opening while moving unit on charged hose line


  • Safety strap and storage pocket
  • The nozzle must be ordered separately

Flow + 500 GPM
 Operating pressure 75 PSI
Up-Down travel range +14° to +51° (manned)
+35°  to +51° (unmanned)
Left-right travel range 20° each way (40˚ total)
Inlet size 2.5 in NHT
Outlet size 2.5 in NHT
Weight (Monitor only) 19 lbs 
Size (folded) 16,22 x 8,42 x 8,76
Friction loss 9 PSI
Footprint area 448 in2
Legs 4
Warranty 5 years