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Product: DSM-30F

Select-O-Matic Nozzle

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Model: DSM-30F & SM-20FGLP
Supplier: Elkhart

Pressure-regulating Select-O-Matic® nozzles automatically adjust to fluctuating water flow to maintain effective pressure and a consistent fire stream in all flow ranges. Our patented, completely unobstructed waterway allows more GPM at lower pressures than any competitive brand. All models flush easily without shutting down and provide constant flow on either fog or straight stream, making them ideal for the application of AFFF foam. Corrosion-resistant; no lubrication required.

Characteristics - DSM-30F

  • Aluminium shut-off handle
  • Flow (GPM) 75 to 325 at 100 PSI
  • Input of 2.5''
  • Meet NFPA 1964l

Characteristics - SM-20FGLP

  • Pistol grip Elk-o-Lite
  • Aluminium shut-off handle
  • Flow (GPM) 60 to 200 at 100 PSI
  • Input of 1.5''
  • Meet NFPA 1964l