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Product: L 1000 W
Perforating Nozzle

Pyrolance nozzle

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L 1000 W
Supplier: Pyrolance

A multi-purpose firefighting system which shall be pr ovided for firefighter safety by offensively attacking fire and fire gases from a ‘de fensive position’. The ultra-high pressure piercing, cooling, and firefighting system sha ll allow the operator to attack fire from a safe exterior position without the fire fighter entering the interior of an aircraft or structure.

Model L 1000 W-G Gas L 1000 W-D Diesel L 1000 W-P (PTO)
Motor 25HP Briggs &
Stratton gas engine
Hatz 24 hp Air Cooled Diesel Rexroth hydraulic
Débit: 45cc
Pression: 2250psi
Pression Repos: 200psi
RPM max 2600
Flow & Pressure 10gpm (40L/min), 2000PSI 10gpm (40L/min), 2000PSI 10gpm (40L/min), 2000PSI
Gas type Gas without led Gas No gas
Abrasive 2.5gls/9L 2.5gls/9L 2.5gls/9L
Diameter of the nozzle 0.090`` (2.29mm) 0.090`` (2.29mm) 0.090`` (2.29mm)
Dimensions 4 mins approx 4 mins approx 4 mins approx
Hose length 150 ft (45 m) x 3/4” 150 ft (45 m) x 3/4” 150 ft (45 m) x 3/4”
Weight 400 lb 400 lb 400 lb
Weight of the nozzle 17 lb 17 lb 17 lb
Flow/pressure of the nozzle

1400psi at 10gpm
Flow rate of the hydraulic pump UDOR

20gpm (80 L/min)
Pressure of the hydraulic pump UDOR