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Product: AWG-69687501

Turbo nozzles accessories

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Model: AWG-69687501
Supplier: AWG

Color coded accessories for turbo nozzles and turbo fix nozzles, including pistol grip, handle and bumper.

turbo nozzles 60 series accessories
product No.
Yellow 60 Series
AWG-69687502 Orange60 Series
AWG-69687510 White 60 Series
AWG-69687504 Blue 60 Series
AWG-69687505 Green 60 Series
AWG-69687506 Gray 60 Series
AWG-69687507 Black 60 Series
AWG-69687508 Red 60 Series


turbo nozzles 125 series accessories
product No.
Yellow 125 Series
AWG-69687602 Orange 125 Series
AWG-69687610 White 125 Series
AWG-69687604 Blue 125 Series
AWG-69687605 Green 125 Series
AWG-69687606 Gray 125 Series
AWG-69687607 Black 125 Series
AWG-69687608 Red 125 Series

turbo nozzles 250 series accessories
product No.
Yellow 250 Series
AWG-69687702 Orange 250 Series
AWG-69687710 White 250 Series
AWG-69687704 Blue 250 Series
AWG-69687705 Green 250 Series
AWG-69687706 Gray 250 Series
AWG-69687707 Black 250 Series
AWG-69687708 Red 250 Series