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CE94CRS Concrete Cutting Chainsaw

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Model: CE94CRS
Supplier: Cutters Edge

Cutters Edge MULTI-CUT® Fire Rescue Saws are designed and built specifically for the Fire Rescue Service. The new 2100 Series Saws offer next generation technology performance with more power, more torque and more fuel efficiency. All engines are EPA compliant, UL, CE ans ANSI approved.

The CE94CRS gasoline operated chainsaw is lighter, has more torque and can cuts reinforced concrete up to 16 inch thick. It can also cuts, reinforced concrete, masonry brick, concrete block, natural stone and abrasive concrete.

  • Diamond chain
  • D handle to be usable and confortable with gloves 
  • Reflective labels to make it easier to find saw in the dark
  • 0,26 gal (1 liter) fuel capacity