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Product: BulletChain
Chain saw

Carbide Chains, Bullet Chain

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MODEL: BulletChain
SUPPLIER: Cutters Edge

The BULLET® Chain is the only chain built from the ground up to hold a carbide tip and engineered specifically for Fire Rescue cutting. All other carbide-tipped chains start with a standard chain saw cutter that has been modified by grinding away some of the cutter in order to hold a carbide tip. This weakens the cutter body and allows for only very narrow backing and soldering surface for the carbide tip.

  • The BULLET® Chain raker is shaped like the nose of a bullet to protect the carbide's 180 degree cutting edge. Rather than cutting and slicing, the BULLET® Chain actually files through materials. This filing action makes the BULLET® Chain the safest chain, virtually eliminating kickback.
  • BULLET® Chain is designed with more cutting surface so it continues cutting even with substantial amounts of carbide broken off.
  • BULLET® Chain is the only carbide-tipped chain built to withstand the rigors of prolonged Fire Rescue cutting.