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Product: MSA-10024074
Headset and microphone

ClearCommand HCS, Helmet communication system

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Model: MSA-10024074
Supplier: MSA

The ClearCommand Helmet Communication System (HCS) from MSA is a state-of-the-art radio interface device which significantly improves the user’s ability to receive and send messages even in loud ambient-noise environments. It goes wherever you go. The system consists of a helmet-mounted microphone and ear speaker assembly that weighs 5.3 ounces and easily snaps onto the user’s fire helmet (or industrialstyle helmet’s) ratchet suspension.

The helmet mic /ear speaker assembly connects to a lapel microphone or optional basic PTT (push-to-talk) unit. The lapel microphone and PTT are permanently fitted with a connector for attachment to the specific radio of choice. The ClearCommand HCS also offers a plug-in truck communication adapter that can be used by firefighters, along with their helmet microphone assembly, on the way to a fire scene or other incident.

Once the firefighter arrives at the scene, the truck system cable is unplugged from the helmet microphone, and the helmet microphone cable end is connected to the user’s lapel mic or PTT. The user of the Helmet Communication System has uninterrupted communication from the time the alarm sounds until the incident is over.

Features and Benefits

  • Incorporates a “noise-reducing” bone-conduction voice transmitter that virtually eliminates high ambient noise levels.
  • Custom user-positioned ear speaker brings all incoming communication directly to the user’s ear. No need to lift your lapel mic up to your ear to hear transmission.
  • Easily snaps onto the ratchet suspension of fire helmets or industrial-style helmets (Wildland). The unit can be easily transferred to other user’s helmets, and no tools are required for removal or installation.
  • Can be used over the top of facepiece head harnesses, hoods and liners without losing the quality of the transmission.
  • The bone-conduction microphone is made with soft silicone material, which makes it comfortable to wear, with no pressure points.
  • The microphone assembly can be reversed on the helmet suspension to position the ear speaker over either ear.
  • The helmet mic system, when used with the lapel mic or PTT, is powered by the battery from the radio. No need to replace or re-charge dry cells.
  • Special connectors suitable for most common radios are available for the lapel microphone and PTT, which allows users to adapt the system to their existing radios.
  • When used with an MSA CairnsHelmets fire helmet, the MSA HCS is certified as compliant with NFPA 1971-2000 edition standard.
  • Intrinsic safety certifications allow the use of the ClearCommand HCS in hazardous environments.
  • The Basic PTT unit is designed for use under hazardous material suits. The large button makes it easy for the user to depress and communicate.
  • The helmet mic incorporates a cable keeper providing cable storage when not connected to the lapel mic or PTT.
  • Optional remote finger PTT is available as an accessory.