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Product: L52A 002

Grillon (Anchor)

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Model: L52A 002
Supplier: Petzl


  • Quick adjustment anchor
  • Allows quick installation of an adjustable anchor that is longer than two meters
  • The self-jamming device allows easy adjustment of the length and tension at the anchor point (make a mule knot on the GRILLON to lock the anchor)
  • Semi-static rope, resistant to aging and abrasion
  • Sewn terminations on both ends with plastic sheath to keep the connector in position and protect the rope from abrasion
  • Available in four versions (connector not included)

Approval or certification 

  • CE EN 795 B
product No.
length Weight
L52A 002
2 m
435 g
L52A 003 3 m
515 g
L52A 004
4 m
595 g
L52A 005
5 m
675 g