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Product: MSA-SRSPR5990

SuretyMan Rigging Plates

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Model: MSA-SRSPR5990
Supplier: MSA


  • Stealth Riggin Plate: Anchor on the point and the wings will rotate toward the load for a straighter line of pull. Material aluminum. Weight: .46 lb (250g). Strength: 11,000 lb (48 kN). Color: Teal
  • Stretcher Rigging Plate: Designed to unclutter and organize litter rigging points, reducing the chance of error. Material aluminum. Weight: .74 lb (330g). Strength: 12,200 lb (54 kN). Color: Teal
Available models
product no.
MSA-SRSPR5990 SuretyMan Stealth Rigging Plate, aluminum, teal
MSA-SRSPR5980 SuretyMan Stretcher Rigging Plate, aluminum, teal