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Product: MSA-SFP2267402

Suretyman Anchorage Sling

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Model: MSA-SFP2267402
Supplier: MSA


All Anchorage Connectors :

  • Have a minimum breaking strenght of 5000 lb
  • Are compatible for use with MSA fall arrest and confined space entry/retrieval components
  • Meet ANSI Z359.1-2007, ANSI A10.32 and all applicable OSHA regulations

Suretyman Anchorage Sling:

  • 1" nylon tube webbing sewn into an endless loop
  • Available in 2', 4' and 6'
  • Can be hitched to an anchorage point using various configurations

Available models

product No.

MSA-SFP2267402 Suretyman Anchorage Sling, 2'
MSA-SFP2267404 Suretyman Anchorage Sling, 4'
MSA-SFP2267406 Suretyman Anchorage Sling, 6'