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Product: MSA-10007782
Fall Arrest

Dynevac II Field Resettable Model

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Model: MSA-10007782
Supplier: MSA

Description: Offers built-in rescue system when used in fall-arrest mode. Provides fall arrest and emergency lifting and lowering for confined space entry/egress. Self-retracting lanyard with emergency retrieval capabilities and the easiest, quickest reset mechanism on the market. Gives users the option to reset on location or send to MSA for service. The same unit can be used in the field and for training situations.


  • Confined Space
  • Falling From Heights
  • Oxygen Deficiency
  • Toxic Atmosphere IDLH
  • Toxic Atmosphere Non-IDLH

Approvals & Standards

Meets all applicable ANSI standards and OSHA regulations.


Available models
Ingineering description
 dimensions H X W X L
Dyvenac II SRL, SST cable, RL20, 50'
1.16" X 1" X 1"
 37 lb
MSA-10017784 Dyvenac II SRL, SST cable, RL20, 95'
1.67" X 1.17" X 1.17"
 68 lb