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Product: MSA-10021840
Fall Arrest

Short-Stop and Sure-Lock SRL

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Model: MSA-10004277
Supplier: MSA


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fast-acting to minimize fall arrest forces and total fall distance
  • 1-3/4" nylon web lifeline
  • Meets OSHA and ANSI A10.32

Available models
Product no. description
Length SRL Connection Lifeline connection
MSA-10004277 Short-Stop 10' None LI Snaphook
MSA-10021840 Short-Stop 10' SRCC643 carabiner LI Snaphook
MSA-SFP6902001 Sure-Lock 7' SRCC643 carabiner LI Snaphook
MSA-SFP6902002 Sure-Lock 7' SRCC643 carabiner SRCC643 carabiner with swivel
MSA-SFP6902008 Sure-Lock 7' SRCC643 carabiner  Swivel LS Snaphook