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Product: MSA-SRS323150
Fall protection

Emergency Rescue Bag System

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Model: MSA-SRS323150
Supplier: MSA

Description: The Emergency Rescue Bag System is designed for rescue on electrical and communication towers. Developed for use in restrictive environments, this extremely light weight sys tem was primarily designed for tower rescue; however, the system can be used to perform rescues on almost any vertical structure. The Emergency Rescue Bag System consists of a pre-rigged lowering System that comes in a variety of lengths. The users of this product must receive training by an approved trainer.

Modèles disponibles
no. du produit
MSA-SRS323150 Emergency Rescue Bag System, 150-ft (45 m) working length
MSA-SRS323300 Emergency Rescue Bag System, 300-ft (90 m) working length
PLEASE NOTE: Due to a 2:1 mechanical advantage, the user should order the Emergency Rescue Bag System with twice the length of rope necessary for their application. For example, the SRS323150 uses 300’ of rope to achieve a 150’ working length. The maximum system available provides a 400’ working length with 800’ of rope.