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Product: MSA-10030025
Fall protection

Fall Protection Rescue Kit

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Model: MSA-10030025
Supplier: MSA

Description: The Fall Protection Rescue kit is designed to be an “out of the bag” rescue system. This kit combines a remote hook and extension pole with a rescue utility system. The remote hook and extension pole allows for remote attachment of a rescue line to a victim. The Rescue Utility System allows a rescuer to raise or lower the victim to safety. This kit should be used with a back-up system (not included). Fall Protection Rescue Kit includes:

  • Adjustable Pole, 6 ft (1.8m) to 12 ft (3.6m) (P/N - SFP675009)
  • Pole Adapter (P/N - SCE109001) converts pole to hold remote hook
  • Remote Hook (P/N - SRCA401) for remote attachment
  • Storage Bag (P/N - SRB675009) for pole and remote hook
  • Rescue Utility System (P/N - SRS15200) - raising and lowering system with a 4:1 mechanical advantage

Available models

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MSA-10030025 Fall Protection Rescue Kit

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a 4:1 mechanical advantage, the user should order the Rescue Utility System with 4 times the length of rope necessary for their application.