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Fall protection

RCD (Remote connect/disconnect) System

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Model: 501443
Supplier: MSA


By using the strap tool the user can install the anchorage connector strap to an approved overhead anchorage point. By using the connect/disconnect tool the user can attach any lifeline with an RL20 snaphook to the overhead anchorage connectorstrap, use the same tool to remove the lifeline from the overhead anchorage and then to remove the anchorage connector strap.


part number description
501443 Remote connect/disconnect system
Strap conn remote anchor
Pole telescoping remote
506509 Tool remote anchorage strap 
506589 Tool remote connect
506591 Remote lanyard knife tool 
506639  Pole adjustable modified RCD
506640  Adapter Hastings pole RCD 
506642  Pole adjust assembly unmodified RCD