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Product: MSA-SRS15200
Fall protection

SuretyMan Rescue Utility System

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Model: MSA-SRS15200
Supplier: MSA

Description: The SuretyMan Rescue Utility System incorporates all the features professionals have come to expect from a first class rescue system. The system is primarily used for raising and lowering people or equipment in rescue and industrial work access and is ideal for confined space applications. The SuretyMan Rescue Utility System features:

  • Pulleys equipped with a built-in anti-reversing lock
  • Only a 10 lb force is required to hold a 220-lb (90 kg) load
  • SuretyMan ascender attached to both the op er at ing rope and the user via a securing rope — if the operating rope accidentally releases, the ascender automatically stops the descent
  • Rapid deployment
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Rated for 2-person load
  • Compact and light weight with a standard system weight of 17 lb (7.7 kg)
  • Versatile for rescue & access
  • Multi-purpose ascent or descent
  • Rated capacity of 600 lb (272 kg) for personnel and materials
  • Standard rope length of 200 ft (66m) with a maximum rope length of 800 ft (267m)

Available models

product No.

MSA-SRS15200 SuretyMan Rescue Utility System (200’ length)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a 4:1 mechanical advantage, the user should order the Rescue Utility System with 4 times the length of rope necessary for their application. For example, the 200’ system listed above provides a 50’ working length. A 800’ system provides a 200’ working length.