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Product: MSA-10048

TechnaCurv Tower Harness

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Model: MSA-10048
Supplier: MSA

Description: In addition to the features of the standard TechnaCurv Harness, the TechnaCurv Tower Harness model incorporates an integral body belt and removable saddle. The body belt and saddle are constructed using a dual-durometer pad and Sorbtek fabric for ultimate comfort during prolonged work positionning/suspension activities. The body belt and saddle both include two side D-rings and the saddle height is adjustable. Models also include back and front D-rings. Additional options are available as outlined in the chart below.


product No.

size style padding
leg buckles
standard x-large pullover
vestyle shoulder sub- pelvic
Secure- fit tongue qwick- fit osha/ansi/CSA
MSA-10048342 X X X X X X
MSA-10048344 X X X X X X
MSA-10048346 X X X X X
MSA-10048348 X X X X X
MSA-10048350 X X X X
MSA-10048432 X X X X
MSA-10048343 X X X X X X
MSA-10048345 X X X X X X
MSA-10048347 X X X X X
MSA-10048349 X X X X X
MSA-10048431 X X X X
MSA-10048433 X X X X