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Product: MSA-506213
Rescue Tri-pod

Lynx Tripods

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Model: MSA-506213
Supplier: MSA

Description: An anchorage connector used for confined space applications constructed of three anodized aluminum legs and a zinc-plated carbon steel head. The legs feature 1-1/4-inch incremental adjustment, positive locking pins, automatic hinge lock legs with integral leg-base chain and skid-resistant feet with self-sharpening spikes for use when icy conditions exist. The Lynx tripod can be set up and dismantled without the use of tools. It has a vertical load strength of 5,400 pounds.


  • Confined Space
  • Falling From Heights
  • Oxygen Deficiency
  • Toxic Atmosphere IDLH
  • Toxic Atmosphere Non-IDLH

Approvals & Standards

The Lynx tripod meets ANSI Z359.1, ANSI A 10.14 CSA and applicable OSHA requirements.

Available models
Ingineering description
ROPOD 506213
 60.9 lb
MSA-506493 ROPOD 10FT 506493
 68.5 lb