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Product: AXIS

AXIS 11 mm

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Model: AXIS
Supplier: Petzl

Description: Versatile rope is very wear-resistant

  • "Standard" diameter designed for users who are not necessarily expert in rope techniques
  • Available in three colors for easier identification of different kits
Strength tied with a figure eight knot: ≥ 15 kN
Strength with sewn termination: ≥ 22 kN
Shock load (factor 0,3): 5.1 kN
Weight: 73 g/m
CE, EN 1891 Type A (semi-static ropes)
Standard lengths
 length (m)
R74Y 050 50 Yellow-Black
R74N 050 50 Black
R74Y 100 100 Yellow-Black
R74W 100 100 Yellow-White
R74N 100 100 Black
R74Y 200 200 Yellow-Black
R74N 200 200 Black