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Product: MSA-506682

Horizon Horizontal Lifeline

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Model: MSA-506682
Supplier: MSA

Description: The MSA Horizon Horizontal Lifeline anchorage connecting system is designed for portability, versatility, ease of installation, and ease of use. The system may be mounted to existing overhead steel beams or to newly constructed steel structure where overhead an chor age points are not available. Hor i zon tal travel through intermediate supports is achieved without disconnection of the work er’s per son al fall arrest system. The system may ac com mo date up to five persons. The unique shock absorber reduces dynamic forces transmitted to the anchorage points. Stanchion system may be installed on the top or bottom flange of an I-beam.

Typical applications include new construction (steel erection), in spection and maintenance operations, loading bays, bridges, overpasses, aircraft hangars, manufacturing, petro chemical, chemical, and food processing plants. Meets OSHA requirements.

Available models
product no.
MSA-506682 Beamgrip for beams with flange width: 3.94” to 5.64”, flange thickness: .205” to .659”
MSA-415171 Beamgrip for beams with flange width: 5.525” to 8.07”, flange thickness: .36” to 1.09”
MSA-415172 Beamgrip for beams with flange width: 8.06” to 10.475”, flange thickness: .56” to .935”
MSA-415173 Beamgrip for beams with flange width: 10.265” to 12.8”, flange thickness: .605” to 1.25”
MSA-415836 Horizontal lifeline shock absorber
MSA-506563 3/8” open wedge socket
MSA-506636 Beamgrip bypass fitting
MSA-506637 Beamgrip end fitting
MSA-506648 3/8” wire rope, galvanized, length must be specified at the time of order
MSA-506662 12” turn buckle with plate
MSA-506663 Snatch block pulley for 3/8” wire rope
MSA-506254 for 1/2” wire rope
MSA-506255 for 5/8” wire rope