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Product: GW-E1012QC-48
Cleaning against contaminants

Enspire FIRE Decon Wipes

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MODel: ENSPIRE FIRE, 62-E1012QC-12

Enspire Fire decontamination wipes can be used as soon as possible after contact with smoke and soot. They will remove dirt, oil and soot from the face, ears, neck, jaw, throat, arms, armpits, wrists, hands and any other contaminated area or equipment after an incident.


  • 20% larger than competing wipes - Covers more of your skin/face to remove contaminates in one swipe. Forgot to seal the packet?  You dry out a maximum of 12 wipes vs. 39 wipes of competing products.
  • Pre-Moistened.
  • Cleans, cools, and refreshes
  • Easy to use peel and re-seal packaging
  • Strong and durable fabric made to withstand rough use, and can be used as an improvised sling or bandage in emergency situations
  • Easily wipes away contaminants that may contain carcinogens
  • Alcohol free
  • Fragrance free
  • Latex, MI and Paraben free
  • Expected shelf life - 2 years