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Product: FWS-30 TP HW, FWS-40 TP HW, FWS-60 TP HW
Cleaning against contaminants

Washer extractor without suspension, 100G TP series, Fagor

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This new generation of washers combine the latest technology with the best quality in components and materials. As a new feature in all ranges, we are presenting the Touch Plus Control, as well as new models in high and normal spin washerswhich makes FAGOR range of washers, one of the widest in the “market”. 

This washer is designed to optimize the maintenance of your firefighters clothes. 

IMPORTANT: This Fagor commercial washer without suspension must be anchored to the floor and requires a concrete floor. Depending on your installation, this washer may require a elevated base.

To learn more about the tips and decontamination techniques, visit our Maintenance and Care web page.

Model Description Control Color Cuve
FWS-30 TP HW 30 lbs capacity (2 bunker suits) Electronic Stainless Stainless
FWS-40 TP HW 40 lbs capacity (3 or 4 bunker suit) Electronic Stainless Stainless
FWS-60 TP HW 60 lbs capacity (5 to 6 bunker suit) Electronic Stainless Stainless

* For a washer with more or less capacity, contact us.


  • G-Force : 100
  • NFPA compliant: Water temperature regulation to the required degree
  • Fast delivery

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty frame 
  • Stainless steel panels 
  • Hinged control panel 
  • Flexible water level setting 
  • compartment supply dispenser 
  • external liquid supply dispenser 
  • Water reuse capable 
  • Enclosed heavy duty drive motor 
  • Large door opening 
  • Third inlet valve 
  • Wet cleaning capable 
  • Traceability – storage of data 

Optional Features

  • Double drain kit allow the recovery of the water, with important savings
  • Drain-pump kit (25lbs and 30lbs)
  • Double heating electric-steam kit
  • extra signals for automatic liquid dosing
  • Industrial voltage: 440 ÷ 480 III without neutral - 50 / 60 Hz