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Product: WBFC-6
Hazardous Waste storage

Combustible oily waste cans WBFC-6

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Model: WBFC-6
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  • Essential to protect flammable materials such as waste, solvent cloths and wiping rags from any sparks and spontaneous combustion. 
  • Hand or foot lever opening device. Lid remains closed when can is not in use.  
  • Blade of heavy gauge, rustproof, long terne steel finished in federal safety yellow. 
  • Additional strength and rigidity is provided due to the heavy circular beading around the can's top and bottom.   


  • UL approved 
  • Meets OSHA requirements UL approved        


available models
Model capacity
WBFC-6 6 gal. / 22,8 litres
WBFC-10 10 gal. / 38 litres
WBFC-12  12 gal. / 45,6 litres 
WBFC-15  15 gal. / 57 litres 
WBFC-21  21 gal. / 79,8 litres