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Product: WBDRC-2
Hazardous Waste storage

Drip cans WBDRC-2

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Model: WBDRC-2
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  • Can is positioned under drum faucets or drains to receive drips or overflows of liquid. 
  • To prevent corrosion, the body is constructed of one piece seamless leakproof 24-gauge terne plate steel. 
  • The baffle is perforated which allows liquid to drip into can and also acts as a flame arrestor to prevent any sparks from igniting the contents and causing an explosion. 
  • Le déflecteur est perforé pour eprmettre au liquide de dégoutter dans la cuvette et agit aussi comme arrêteur de flamme pour empêcher toute étincelle d'allumer le contenu et provoquer une explosion. 
  • Finished with baked safety red enamel with yellow strip according to regulations. 


FM approved        

available models
Model capacity
WBDRC-2 2 gal. / 1,9 litres
WBDRC-4 4 gal. / 3,8 litres