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Product: 571
Specialised extinguisher

Dry powder extinguisher class D - 571

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Model: 570
Supplier: Amerex

  • Contains a copper extinguishing agent specially developed by the U.S. Navy for fighting lithium and
    lithium alloy fires
  • The copper compound smothers the fire and provides an excellent heat sink for dissipating heat
  • Tested to ANSI/UL standards and is safe for Class D fires (combustible metal fires)
  • Extinguishes Lithium and Lithium Alloy Fires  
  • All Metal Valve Construction 
  • Special corrosion resistant yellow (Class D) color coded paint finish 
  • Fitted with a Soft-Flow Extension Applicator 
  • Available in 250 Gallons capacity. Rolling or still unit 
  • F.M. listed (TO ANSI/UL 299 and ANSI/UL 711)  


Application Hose & Nozzle or Applicator
FM approval 3
Capacity 30 lbs
Shipping weigth 53 lbs
Height 27.75 in
Width 7 in
Range with applicator 3-6 ft
Range with nozzle  8-10 ft 
Discharge time 28 sec
Wall hook Standard