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Product: U.L.C. WB30
Hazardous Waste storage

Storage cabinet U.L.C. WB30

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Model: U.L.C. WB30
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  • Quality constructed from 18 gauge steel 
  • Double wall welded construction  
  • 2 inches of fire proof insulating material, between the inner and outer walls  
  • Door sill raised 2 inches above the bottom of the cabinet to form a liquid-tight weld 
  • Three point lock on door 
  • Adjustable satin coat galvanized shelves permit storing of various size containers 
  • Four adjustable levelling feet
  • 2 inches threaded vents, one on each side, allow for ventilation 
  • Fire baffle covers each vent 
  • Painted with safety yellow enamel, with red letters, warning: "FLAMMABLE - KEEP FIRE AWAY", in English and French  
  • All cabinets - double door style 
  • Extra shelves available at slight extra charge 


  • Meets OSHA requirements
  • ULC approved 
  • Meets NFPA code 30 requirements        


available models          
Model CAPACITy    width  depth Height shipping weight  No. of shelves
U.L.C. WB30 30 gal. 44 in  19 in  45 in 350 lbs 1
U.L.C. WB45 45 gal. 44 in 19 in  66 in 430 lbs 
WB45H 45 gal. 35 in  50 in  50 in 470 lbs 
WB45V 45 gal. 35 in  35 in   63 in 500 lbs 
WB-S  Metal shelf part