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Product: 272799000
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S799 E2, Cutter

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MODEL: S799 E2
SUPPLIER : Hurst Jaws of Life

This cutter takes a huge bite!!!

The best rescue cutter ever designed. This eDRAULIC® cutter can’t wait to get its blades around today’s bigger, stronger, meaner steel with an 8.03 inch opening.

It has no problems with modern B posts and tool swing challenges aren’t a problem when cutting A and B posts either — just cut them easily at a comfortable perpendicular angle.

how the S 799E2 offers responders increased attack angle options on a vehicle's B-post :


This cutter is so strong it gets an NFPA rating of 9 in all categories, making it the best in class.

  • Wide blade opening at 8.03 inches
  • An NFPA rating of 9 for all categories
  • Reduces tool swing challenges
  • Each tool comes with two batteries and one charger
  • If needed, you can plug it in for limitless power with the eDRAULIC 110V adapter

Technical data
Length 39.8 in
Width 10.9 in
Height 11.1 in
Weight 55.8 lbs
Cutter oppening 8.03 in
NFPA Cutter Rating A9/B9/C9/D9/E9
NFPA 1936 2015 Compliant Yes
IP Rating IP54